Network & Security Verification with Batfish

Implement Automation Before and After Network Changes to Guarantee Network State

Using Batfish, you can build automated tests that are executed before and after network and security changed to guarantee the state of your infrastructure. You have the ability to run pre-change tests to ensure your change is not going to bring down a router, firewall, or complete fleet of devices.

Automated ACL & Security Policy Verification

Automate security changes before they happen with Batfish. Ensure your change does not break applications and existing firewall policies. Additionally, analyze your existing policies to find out which policies aren’t getting used due to organic growth, rule ordering, or ever-changing standards and designs.

Pre-Change Network Automation

Analyze routing changes before they happen to ensure non-stop network reachability and application performance. Perform automated network modeling to ensure success of every routing change on the network.

Network & Security CI/CD Pipelines with Batfish

Adopt NetDevOps principles by deploying CI/CD pipelines powered by Batfish. Users are able to model their network virtually in software as network data is changed in their Git repositories. Users can update YAML data that triggers building a new network configuration that is then analyzed for correctness followed by running tests that ensure network and application reachability will remain after the change is made.

Batfish Models & Enhancements

For advanced network users and users of Batfish, NTC offers extensive services around adding and extending existing Batfish models to ensure you can continue to model multi-vendor networks and have the safest and most trusted network changes possible.