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Nautobot is an extensible and flexible Network Source of Truth and Network Automation Platform that is the cornerstone of any network automation architecture.

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Nautobot Use Cases

Flexible Source of Truth for Networking

At its core, Nautobot is a Source of Truth that defines the intended state of the network. Throw away those spreadsheets and deploy a trusted source of data that enables good data hygiene. Nautobot enables strict adherence to data standards allowing users to define business rules on the network data that is stored within Nautobot. Nautobot also allows organizations to define custom fields and their own unique relationships between data stored in Nautobot showcasing its flexibility.

Extensible Data Platform for Network Automation

Nautobot is more than documentation. Nautobot has integrations and extensibility to truly power network automation solutions. Nautobot has robust platform APIs that include traditional RESTful (HTTP) APIs, GraphQL APIs, event-driven webhooks, and numerous extensibility features to further enable network automation. Nautobot also uses its extensibility to aggreate disparate data systems creating a Single Source of Truth for network automation solutions.

Platform for Network Automation Applications

The Nautobot App Platform provides an architecture from which network automation apps can be built. Nautobot Apps are flexible and customized augmentations or additions that can be as lightweight or solution-centric as needed. Using the Nautobot App Platform, organizations can deliver customizable network automation extensions and applications 65-70% faster.


Nautobot was initially developed as a fork of the NetBox project.

Key Features

Data Validation

Codify business rules to ensure there is nothing but high-quality data in Nautobot.

User-Defined Relationships

Create custom relationships between existing data models that replicate your network design.

Custom Fields

Augment existing data models through custom fields on any object including interfaces.

Data Source (Git) Integration

Seamlessly integrate YAML-based structured data files directly into Nautobot.


Using Python scripts to dynamically create self-service forms and reports that are easily executable in the UI.


Easily fetch the exact data you desire across data models with a single API call.


Have Nautobot make an outbound HTTP API call based on create, update, and delete operations.

Plugin System

Add custom extensions and apps catering to your specific SoT and network automation requirements.


Network Automation with Nautobot

Nautobot enables true network automation. With NTC’s reference architecture, Nautobot defines the intended state and uses its data to derive and deliver configurations with 3rd party tools while also using the data to enrich telemetry systems providing even greater insight with network dashboards.

Golden Configuration

Using the rich data already stored in Nautobot, the Golden Configuration App is a complete solution on its own performing configuration backups, generating intended configuration files (still relying on 3rd party tools to deploy them), and performing configuration compliance, comparing the backup vs. intended configuration files.

ChatOps for Network Automation

Built using the Nautobot App Platform, the ChatOps solution is a multi-platform chatbot that is deployed as a set of APIs within Nautobot. It is a standalone solution that enables the service desk and other teams to easily query and receive data from Nautobot and other IT systems. This reduces the need for opening change tickets and routing them to the network team improving diagnostics, troubleshooting, and the time it takes to respond to issues.

Extension & Apps

Golden Configuration

Perform automated network backups, generate intended configurations, and perform configuration compliance.


Multi-platform chatbot for Slack, MS Teams, Webex Teams, and Mattermost that simplifies fetching data from Nautobot and other IT systems.

Capacity Metrics

Collect key metrics from Nautobot enabling greater insights and trending on port capacity, rack utilization, IP Address utilization, and any other data point stored in Nautobot.

Device Onboarding

Easily add new devices to Nautobot by simply providing site, IP address, and credentials.

Change Management

Stage, approve, and execute CI tests before changes are committed to Nautobot embracing Enterprise change requirements.  Coming Soon.



Dig Deeper

Are you a network engineer looking to understand the role source of truth has within network automation? Explore the technical solution guide to understand how Nautobot powers network automation architectures.

Technical Solution Guide

Source of Truth for Networking

Are you a leader looking to understand the business value of data? The Getting Started Guide walks through how Nautobot drives operational efficiency by being the foundation of a network automation transformation.

Introduction to Source of Truth

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