Sandbox Environments

Explore, Configure, and Automate in Nautobot Sandboxes


The sandbox environments exist for engineers, architects, or managers that want to get first-hand experience and start to explore Nautobot.


24/7 free access to Nautobot sandbox environments. Each sandbox environment runs a specific Git branch and may have Nautobot Apps pre-installed allowing users to see how Apps extend what Nautobot can do out of the box.


We understand it takes time to download and install Nautobot. Our goal is to offer the lowest barrier to entry to explore and automate against Nautobot while also getting first-hand access to Nautobot Apps without the burden of installing each of them manually.

Nautobot Sandbox Environments

If you are looking for all that Nautobot has to offer, this sandbox is for you. It uses the latest Nautobot release available on PyPI as well as several Nautobot Apps pre-installed including Nautobot ChatOps, Golden Configuration, and Capacity Metrics. You can even try out ChatOps by creating an account and logging into Slack and navigating to the #nautobot-chat channel. Try it now.

This sandbox offers access to the main branch of Nautobot and does not have any Apps installed. This is a great starting point if you’re only looking to explore Source of Truth and features that aren’t enabled by the Nautobot App Ecosystem. Try it now.

Given Nautobot is open source, software development tends to move at a rapid pace.  This sandbox offers access to the latest “next” branch.  This is the branch that contains all features getting released in the next version of Nautobot.  This sandbox does not include Nautobot Apps. Try it now.

This sandbox showcases Nautobot Version Control. Version Control brings the ability to stage changes through git concepts such as branch, merge, diff.  This promotes safer network automation ensuring proper peer review of the data going into Nautobot. Try it now.

Exploring Nautobot Sandboxes

Sandbox Details


  • Username: demo
  • Password: nautobot
  • Token: login to Nautobot and view


  • All systems are fully operational with the database and settings reset every night.
  • Permissions are restricted for adding new Git repositories and new Jobs.
  • Be sure to checkout the All Things Nautobot YouTube playlist to see what can be done in the sandbox environments
  • Join the #nautobot channel in NTC Slack for any questions you have on using the sandboxes.