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2019 Course Schedule

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We are leading the way in empowering the network engineers of the future. Our classes take the traditional certified network engineer that have little to no development background and expose them to a variety of new technology including network APIs, DevOps tooling, programming, and much more! Our course schedule is below.

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Course Dates Location Price (USD) Sign Up
Network Programming & Automation July 22 - 26 NYC, NY $3500 Register
Network Programming & Automation August 19 - 23 San Jose, CA $3500 Register
Getting Started with NetBox September 24 Virtual (WebEx) $99 Register
Network Automation with NetBox September 25 Virtual (WebEx) $99 Register
Network Programming & Automation Oct 7 - 11 Dublin, IRE $3500 Register
YANG for Network Automation October 9 Virtual (WebEx) $399 Register
Cisco NSO Overview & QuickStart October 10 Virtual (WebEx) $499 Register
Network Programming & Automation Oct (TBD) Nashville, TN $3500 Coming Soon
Network Programming & Automation Dec 2 - 6 Orlando, FL $3500 Register
Building a Network Automation Development Environment Dec 12 Virtual (WebEx) $299 Register

About Us

Network to Code, THE Network Automation Company, is a network automation solution provider helping clients around the world reduce manual inefficiencies and operations costs while helping IT teams deliver services faster resulting in quicker time to market, faster recognition of revenue, and increased customer satisfaction. It is our mission to change the way networks are managed, consumed, and operated on a day to day basis. Simply put, Network to Code bridges the gap between DevOps and Network Engineering/Operations. This is accomplished by providing services using off the shelf open source software (OSS) as well as integrating to existing manufacturer tools and technologies.

Network to Code was founded in 2014 by Jason Edelman after recognizing most vendors, manufacturers, and systems integrators were solely focused on selling hardware, design, and implementation services while not focusing in on the real challenge – Day 2 operations. Network to Code was founded on this premise – to help customers take control of their network through the use of software development and automation technologies while making the network and network automation much more consumable.

Network to Code is headquartered in NYC and serves customers worldwide.

The NTC Network Automation Mag

Ansible Vault: A Primer
June 18, 2019

Ansible Vault is an Ansible feature that allows the secure storing and use of sensitive data. Once encrypted secrets can be safely distributed or tracked in source control without concern for exposure.

Ansible Network Infrastructure Testing
May 16, 2019

Automated testing is a well understood concept in the world of software development. How could companies like Facebook continuously release new features if every aspect of their platform wasn’t being tested with the use of automation?

Three Year Retrospective
May 10, 2019

As I reached my three-year mark at Network to Code, it seems like just a round enough number to take a second to reflect back on what I have learned, where I have gone astray, and general thoughts on my journey.