Transformation Services

Transformation service engagements focus on three critical workstreams; platform development, workflow automation, and enablement.

For organizations committed to making the shift from a legacy approach to networking to a modern, agile, software-driven operation, our transformation team-based services provide the leadership, cultural, and technical expertise to make your initiatives a reality.


Our team will design and integrate a robust set of tools within your existing infrastructure to serve as the foundation for all future network automation. Applying our best practices derived from years of experience, we’ll work with you to build a system to operate your network as code, with proper version control, configuration and data management, CI/CD workflows, and security. We’ll integrate the platform to third party applications, such as Slack and ServiceNow, offering various consumption models to your users.

Workflow Automation

Our workflow automation team will begin automating immediately following the initial workflow discovery to ensure value is quickly recognized on top of a minimal viable platform. As the platform is developed in parallel, we’ll migrate these workflows on top of it to ensure proper performance, scalability, and reliability. We continuously build, groom, and prioritize a backlog of workflows making sure value is demonstrated and measurable results are achieved.


Our enablement team of consultants and trainers will work to build and deliver a unique education plan with custom trainings and workshops for on-going skills development throughout the length of the engagement.