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A Message from our Founder:

There is significant change happening within the network industry. This change is being driven by the need to improve the state of network operations, resulting in rethinking everything from architecture to operations, and most importantly, how they directly impact one another. We now live in what’s seen as a cloud-first world; but the reality is, it is an operations- and automation-first mindset that’s needed to keep pace with business and Digital Transformation initiatives that exist in every Enterprise.

Since our inception at Network to Code, and for the greater part of the last decade, we’ve been laser-focused on the technology shifts in the network industry to keep pace with those ever-changing business and technical initiatives. These shifts include the growing adoption of open source technology, DevOps tools and processes, and software development—ultimately, how software can drive and improve networks. These trends continue to grow and are the foundation to truly rethink your approach to managing traditional, SDN, hybrid, and multi-cloud networks.

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As a services company, we get to work on a broad range of technologies from open source, commercial, and custom software to create holistic automation solutions to truly transform how our clients design, manage, and consume their networks on a daily basis. And it has been quite amazing to see these transformations happening both culturally and technically.

We are grateful to the many customers, colleagues, and partners who have worked with us in the past and present. Thank you for your support. We also look forward to building new relationships and working with new customers, colleagues, and partners in the years ahead.

Finally, thank you to the amazing community that continues to grow and thrive by the day. We continue to transform the industry together.


Jason Edelman


Jason Edelman founded Network to Code in late 2014. Observing how DevOps was radically changing the IT operational models for systems administrators and developers, Jason saw an opportunity to combine existing technologies from the worlds of DevOps and software development within the networking infrastructure domain to create holistic network automation solutions.

Prior to Network to Code, Jason spent a career in technical sales at Presidio, BlueWater, and Cisco developing and architecting network solutions with his last role at Presidio leading efforts around SDN and programmability. Jason is co-author of O’Reilly’s Network Programmability & Automation book. He is a former CCIE and has a B.E. in Computer Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goals.’ It’s a quote I’ve lived by for over 20 years. I truly believe anything is possible if you’re always learning, listening, and improving. We continue to break ground every day at NTC, and I’m truly humbled to be part of this team.”

John Marchese


John is an accomplished technology executive with over 20 years of experience delivering high-tech solutions and services. As CEO of Network to Code, John is focused on helping our clients reduce operational inefficiencies through the use and integration of modern open-source, commercial, and custom-developed software for automating large-scale networks.

Prior to his role at Network to Code, John spent 10 years in leadership positions within BlueWater Communications Group, which was acquired by Presidio in 2012, where he was responsible for leading various technology solutions architecture and service delivery organizations. Previously, John worked at Cisco Systems in sales engineering and management roles covering enterprise and commercial accounts within the New York metro territory. John holds a BE in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

“There is no greater way to drive innovation and change than to do it through community, powered by the passion of its members. As a community, we can accomplish so much more than as individuals.”

Mark Pavlick
Mark Pavlick


Mark is an accomplished executive problem solver with over 20 years of experience driving results for some of the most complex services companies. As SVP of Services, Mark is responsible for the growth, scale, and overall execution of our service organizations to deliver a world-class customer experience as Network to Code guides enterprises through transformation with a data-driven approach to network automation.

Prior to joining Network to Code, Mark was Vice President of Sales at Bishop Fox, where he led the sales organization and helped them transform from a professional services firm to a fully functional tech-enabled services company. Prior to Bishop Fox, Mark held various executive leadership roles focusing on services, software, and transformation. Mark holds a B.S. degree in business management from Virginia Tech.

“If you focus your attention on your employees and your clients while providing an environment that rewards collaboration and partnership, you will inherently drive success and a winning culture. Passion and hard work will always put you in a better position to drive success.”

Jim Stoeckel


With over 20 years of experience developing, implementing, and managing scalable solutions, Jim is responsible for both developing and managing Network to Code’s business processes, governance, and Agile delivery of services. Prior to joining Network to Code, Jim served as Director of Business Development (Managed Services) at Presidio Managed Networks, where he was tasked with bringing focus, energy, and go-to-market skills to help the company drive new business, close cycle times, and improve overall win rate.

“I strive to employ a servant leadership style that is based on the idea that leaders prioritize serving the greater good. Prioritize serving team and organization first. Servant leadership puts the employees and their needs at the forefront with the belief that my objectives will be achieved organically.”

Jim Stoeckel
Ken Celenza_2
Ken Celenza


Ken Celenza is an experienced network and automation engineer with over 20 years of experience working in military, consulting, and enterprise environments. Ken leads client engagements at Network to Code as both a developer and an architect and serves as a mentor to Network Engineers both within and outside our company.

Prior to joining Network to code, Ken spent 9 years as an engineer and architect at McKinsey & Company, where he was a part of almost every major Data Center, POP, and Colo build or refresh during his tenure. Ken has also held positions at INS, where he was responsible for engineering solutions for enterprises around Data Centers, Campus, Security, and Load Balancing, and at the United States Air Force, where he began his career in network configuring, designing, and automating.

“My primary mission at Network to Code starts with listening and understanding, whether it is with a client or coworker. I strive to understand first to gain the confidence and trust necessary to build a thriving organization.”

Heather Oliver


Heather Oliver has dedicated over 20 years to growing companies through human capital strategies, enhancing an organization’s competitive edge, and employee value proposition. Overseeing all people operations, Heather is responsible for culture initiatives that align with the organization’s purpose, values, and people while designing and developing the internal infrastructure of the business. Prior to working at Network to Code, Heather was the Founder/CEO of Culture Strategies, Inc. helping business leaders rethink and leverage their culture, increasing customer experience, and growing revenue. She has worked across many industries for companies, both national and global, in various stages of development: from start-up to transitional growth.

“If we have mutual trust, respect, and know how to truly listen, together we can successfully design, align, and implement people programs that invest in each other and the organization.”

Heather Oliver
Bryan Daddio
Bryan Daddio


Bryan Daddio brings over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry and currently leads all sales and marketing efforts at Network to Code. Bryan previously worked in the cyber security space at Optiv Security where he managed strategic accounts in the New York metro area. Prior to Optiv, Bryan was the founder of a sports registration application company called DirectRoster which was acquired by industry leader SportsSignUP. Fresh out of college, Bryan worked for a network cabling company called ICAS for over 4 years. Bryan attended Roanoke College where he played 4 years of lacrosse. He also enjoys surfing, although he can barely stand on a wave, and golf where he’s often too frustrated to finish a full round.

“My goal as the leader of sales and marketing at Network to Code is to translate vision and strategy to reality and execution. Through honesty, integrity, and hard work, my goal is to be a leader that people want to follow voluntarily.”

Peter Allocca


Peter has over 20 years of networking and infrastructure engineering experience working in large enterprises. While never shy from a whiteboard, Peter loves architecting solutions across technology domains and managing communication with senior stakeholders. Before joining Network to Code, Peter was at McKinsey & Company serving as a Senior Enterprise Architect where he managed the Network Automation, Application Delivery, and Identity and Access Management teams. Peter holds a BE in Computer Engineering from Lehigh University.

“I’m privileged to be a part of a talented team in which we crowdsource solutions and ideas. Decisions must be made to move forward and it’s ok if they aren’t perfect; we learn and grow together.”

Peter Allocca
Joe Bellini


As Network to Code’s Chief Financial Officer, Joe Bellini is responsible for overseeing all financial functions including Treasury, Financial Reporting, and Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A). Mr. Bellini brings over 10 years of strategic finance experience focusing on Financial Reporting, Investor Relations, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Prior to joining Network to Code, Joe Bellini served as Vice President, Finance for GTT Communications leading the Global Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Organization. Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Lehigh University.

“I aspire to be an inspiring leader that creates an atmosphere where it’s ok to fail and unacceptable to not learn from it. I always want others to challenge the status quo and find new innovative and creative ways to achieve our goals.”