Infrastructure as Code

Your network has become large, dynamic, and complex. It’s time to move beyond spreadsheets, ad hoc scripting, and vendor-specific tooling.

Network teams now need the same level of reusable, scalable, and software-defined automation to control network resources in an agile manner, just like their systems and cloud team counterparts.

Network to Code provides Infrastructure as Code solutions utilizing proven open source and commercial technology to accelerate the transformation of network operations with automation to support your digital initiatives.

Network Source of Truth

Manage the network. Don’t let the network manage you.

IT infrastructure today is mostly driven by the configurations that reside on the large number of devices and databases in production, not by the requirements, intent, and policies you define.

Source of Truth solutions, such as NetBox, provide an authoritative, or declarative, approach to managing the data used for your device configurations and managing inventory.

By maintaining your data centrally and creating vendor, device, version independent configuration data models, you can be confident that your network is configured the way you intend it to be.

Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

Automate the testing and validation of your network changes before they get deployed into production. Continuously deploy new configurations to your network with smaller, iterative, and simplified changes with the assurance and validation you need.

CI/CD pipelines significantly reduce inaccuracies in common network deployments and changes.

From simple syntax verification to end-to-end network health and security enforcement, a CI/CD pipeline will build your confidence in your network and in your automation project.