Security & Compliance

Manual change of any kind leads to errors, inconsistencies, poor practices, and oversights, ultimately resulting in compliance and security problems.

Network operation teams are forced to deal with constantly changing business demands, security mandates, and industry compliance requirements.

Additionally, development teams are moving faster with the prevalence of cloud, microservices, and DevOps technologies. They are increasingly leaning on security and network teams for quicker turnaround times to access required infrastructure.

With a proper automation platform, optimized workflows, and a DevOps culture in place, these burdens can be significantly reduced.

Network Security Policy and Configuration

Policy and configuration automation solutions can streamline the typically complex process to provide your team with secure access to resources they need across multiple network domains and firewalls.

Integrating automation tools with configuration databases, security policy managers, and ITSM platforms, like ServiceNow, can eliminate the delays resulting from cross-department interactions and manual configurations while maintaining necessary governance and compliance.

Vulnerability and Patch Management

Keeping up with ever changing landscape of security vulnerabilities in the network is a daunting task. A wide variety of software tools are used to address the challenges but are often loosely coupled. A proper automation solution should streamline the end-to-end process of identifying and verifying vulnerabilities, as well as the acquisition, testing, and installation of multiple patches to an administered network.

Proactively compare deployed software/firmware and configuration of your infrastructure as vendor security advisories are released. Resulting remediation can be code upgrades or configuring a workaround to the vulnerability across large quantities of devices.