Our Approach

The NTC Way

Through years of experience in building and deploying network automation into production, Network to Code believes there are three key focus areas that are more strategic than anything else. This is what we call The NTC Way.

The NTC Way provides for vendor, domain, and location-neutral network automation that is open, flexible, and driven by a company’s unique workflows and operations, not by vendor tools and products.

Data-centric approach with a Source of Truth

We believe that data is the foundation for network automation. This is made possible by adopting an extensible Source of Truth platform and strategy that integrates with all devices and services to define the desired state of the network. Having clean and quality data inside the Source of Truth results in trusted data being deployed by the automation platform and onto the network.

Workflows and Operations

We believe that workflows and operations drive network automation strategy, not tools and products. You cannot automate what you don’t know. The evolution of a company’s network should be driven by their business requirements and long-term vision, not a vendor’s product roadmap.

DevOps-enabled Network

We believe NetDevOps and open source should be at the core of network automation. It goes beyond technology and includes cultural and organizational shifts required for network automation.