Network Automation

with Nautobot Cloud & Managed Automation Services

Powered by Nautobot and NetDevOps with the most open, extensible, and flexible approach to network automation.

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Nautobot Managed Automation Services

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World Class 24×7

High Touch Support

NTC provides break/fix support for the most common network automation open source projects including Nautobot, Nautobot Apps, Ansible, Ansible Modules, Netmiko, NAPALM, and Nornir just to name a few.

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Highly Available

Network Automation Platform

NTC deploys a turnkey network automation platform built around Nautobot. We take on and own proactive system administration, monitoring, management, and ongoing upgrades of Nautobot.

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On-Demand NetDevOps

Network Automation Experts

With Nautobot Managed Automation Services, you can call the NTC Automation Operations Center (AOC) for nearly any day-to-day automation task such as updating a script, creating a Job, enhancing a module, adding device drivers, or updating a playbook.

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Network Automation


Network Automation as-a-Service (NAaaS) delivers the most common workflows including Configuration Compliance (Golden Config) and network OS upgrades with ongoing services to ensure they are deployed into production. Additional use cases and workflows can be added.

Nautobot Managed Automation Services Offerings

NTC Nautobot Managed Automation Services has two different offerings to meet customer requirements. You can start with Nautobot as a Source of Truth and Network Automation Platform and expand to a holistic NetDevOps deployment that adds Ansible and Telemetry based on the Prometheus, Telegraf, and Grafana (PTG) Stack.

Managed Nautobot


Managed NetDevOps with Nautobot

Bundle of Network Automation with Nautobot, Ansible, and Telemetry

Benefits of Using Nautobot Managed Automation Services

Proven Reference Architecture

Proven reference architecture that can integrate into any multi-vendor network

Consistent Approach

Consistent approach to network automation across traditional, SDN, multi-domain, and cloud networks

Proactive Management & Upgrades

Proactive management and upgrades of your network automation platform

Offload Tasks

Offload nearly any network automation task to the NTC Automation Operations Center

Maximum Flexibility & Control

NetDevOps approach to network automation allows for maximum flexibility, control, and extensibility

On-Call Experts

On-call network automation experts that are available 24x7x365

Why Nautobot Managed Automation Services?


NTC is laser focused on network automation, and our Nautobot Managed Automation Services provide support, platform management, and continuous automation for your business.


NTC deploys an open and proven Network Automation Platform with Nautobot that accelerates time to value and takes deployment time from years and months to weeks and days.


NTC is the most experienced and knowledgeable network automation team in the industry; with us in your corner, you get the best advice and the most value-driven solutions.

Powered by the NTC Automation Operations Center

NTC has a team of globally distributed engineers that are ensuring your network automation platform and workflows are operating as expected so you can focus on actually consuming and executing highly-available network automation.