We are currently looking for top talent that wants to challenge the status quo. The network industry has been long married to the CLI and we are in the midst of an industry transition with open hardware platforms, APIs, and modern tooling emerging onto scene making it a perfect storm to create, adopt, and take advantage of new operational models. If you want an opportunity to help shape an industry and be working on cutting edge technologies in the network industry, keep reading.

We are looking for multi-faceted individuals who are intrinsically driven by what they do. They should have a passion for networking, but also have a deep desire to learn about modern software development methodologies. If you are already a dev, but want to learn networking, that’s awesome, and we want you too.

Working at Network to Code, you’ll have the ability to work on a multitude of projects including, but not limited to:

  • Deploying Ansible/Puppet/StackStorm and automating networks of multiple vendors (Cisco, Arista, PAN, VMware, Brocade, Cumulus, and the list goes on) for client engagements
  • Training network engineers on automation and software development methodologies
  • Providing SDN advisory services
  • Generating and building internal training content
  • Generating and building external training for some of the largest network manufacturers on the planent
  • Writing custom code for client engagements

If you have any interest whatsoever, write in and let us know who you are and what sparked your interest. Don’t worry about a resume, but send us your LinkedIn, and if you have other public mediums you use like Twitter or a blog, send it on over!

Email us at