As I’m sure you know, we here at Network to Code are regular Ansible users – Ansible not only allows us to quickly start automating networks for our clients, it also helps us to focus on big picture issues instead of getting bogged down in minor details. With this year’s AnsibleFest just around the corner, the Network to Code team is ready to learn more about what’s next when it comes to new collections, the evolution of the Network Engine and the development of Ansible tower.

But conferences like AnsibleFest aren’t just an exciting opportunity to hear more about future developments, they also give us the opportunity to meet members of the Network to Code online community in real life. We hope you’ll have a chance to stop by our booth for our demonstrations or a quick chat if you’re in Atlanta.

Do you have a specific issue you’re struggling with or an interest in discussing your own network automation project with one of our experts? Good news–we’ve also set aside time for one-on-one meetings. Sign-ups are open now, so be sure to grab a spot today.

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!