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Network Automation is not just technology — it is more importantly about people

Take your network engineering team to the next level in the industry with network automation and programmability. Our curated training packages start the student on a journey from zero knowledge of Python and Ansible to a working understanding and application in both in just a few weeks, moving to intermediate levels in just a few months. From there, we have specializations where your team can focus on what is important to your automation environment. Choose the right package for your team below.

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Enterprise Package Options

Package I:
Getting Started with Network Automation

Introductory Python & Ansible for Network Automation

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Package II:
Configuration Management with Ansible

Batfish, Ansible II, Git & Github

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Package III:
Configuration Management with Python

Batfish, Python II, Git & Github

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Package IV:

Introduction to Source of Truth, Extending, Automating, and Creating Apps for Nautobot

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Package V:

Telemetry, Monitoring, & Analytics

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Package X:
Guided a la carte

Choose Your Own Mix of Workshops, Bootcamps, and Bite-Sized Learning Sessions

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